Hey, you, the youngster ( and the less young) who can’t deal anymore with being smashed under downfalls every Sunday at 9 am, after having done an hour bus ride. You, the tired warrior of the soccer field, who dreams to prove his talent in nicer conditions. Here is what different friendly and recreational soccer leagues in Montreal can offer, to you and your friends, to spend an amazing hour on your field of choice.


For everyone

We are talking about warriors. This term includes not only men but also women. Indeed, women play soccer too, and they are quite present in this sport. Leagues clearly understood that. There are not as many offers in women’s leagues than in men’s leagues, but there are many mixed leagues to play in 11vs11, 7vs7, or 5vs5, on gymnasium areas or turf (artificial grass).

For all prices

For the autumn/winter season, the prices vary between 700$ and 2000$, depending on the duration of your engagement.

For 790$, it’s possible to practice 5vs5 during 10 weeks in a gymnasium (futsal).

For an extra 100$, you could smash the surface of artificial grass.

By engaging during 20 weeks, you will reduce a little the cost, and you could take advantage of special offers such as custom team clothing and a discount percentage on your next inscription.

If you opt for the 7vs7 the prices escalate. You have to count more than 1200 $ for a 10 weeks session and more than 2300 $ for a 20 weeks session on artificial turf. Finally, the choice decreases if you opt to play 11vs11. You will, therefore, have to go to clubs and federations with the good old two training sessions per week, and with a match during the weekend. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the return of good old days with the recreational leagues.


All the areas

Each league offers more or less the same things, the competition doesn’t take place because of the prices, but the type of field.

If you choose to play in a gymnasium, there are many options: do you want to play with the match field sidelines or the walls? Do you want a field with official dimensions for futsal, or do you want a basketball gymnasium?


Also, it is not rare that the fields are divided by a simple curtain. It’s up to you to know if it suits you.


Inform yourself to know if all the matches take place at the same place, or if all the areas are the same. Just like the famous badly kept soccer fields, the gymnasium surfaces can have some drawbacks: too slippery, too small…

If you opt for turf, here is what is available.

But again, the dimensions differ, even if they have a lesser impact when the field gets bigger.

For the 5vs5, the options are multiple on the artificial.

New centers import Urban Soccer from the European model. Our friends at Soccer5 opened the doorway, then District5 standardized the model, and finally, Stadium5 pursued the concept. But be careful, the dimension differs, either by choice or by lack of space. Some fields are more adapted for 4vs4. It’s up to you to make your choice.


A referee?

Each league, worthy of this name are refereed. If it’s not the case, and that you pay the prices mentioned above, you are being scammed.  

Obviously, each referee is different. Some leagues do an amazing work to recruit them, but it’s not the case everywhere. But, a friendly match doesn’t mean that the possibility of injury doesn’t exist. It is therefore important that a good referee is present.


Which league?

Certain sports centers propose their own league, which takes out the criteria of choice of fields but doesn’t exclude the other criteria.

Managing a soccer league is complex, and the environment is competitive. Which means that the people in charge experience difficulty when they try to put all their efforts together. And we sometimes end up with the same prices, on the same fields, and the same days. Only the league’s names change.


Now that you know a little more regarding the ruthless universe of soccer leagues in Montreal, it’s time for you to equip yourself, and to find yourself a team. The inscriptions for January start now. To help you with your quest, there are many leagues and sports communities annexed that will guide you towards a team that lacks players.

Little reminder: Your chances of finding a team are bigger if you’re a goalie or a girl.


It’s up to you to play

Our mission at SportWhere is to deliver you the best information for your sport’s practice.  

«Keep your energy for the game»

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